MSO Portal quickstart

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Welcome to MSO Portal! This documentation is intended to new end-user. The basic steps are detailed to handle the MSO4SC infrastructure. If you read this document, you must have already received your login/password to connect the portal. Otherwise, contact

1. First connection.

Connect to the portal and proceed to login. You should see this page:


You can see in the menu bar the different MSO services: The marketplace store all applications. The data catalogue proposes data samples to be used with the applications. The experiments is the place where you configure and run your owned or purchased applications The visualization proposes an remote desktop environment to use pre-/post-processing software and access the output data.

2. Get your a product.

Let begin with our first product. Go to the Marketplace, then buy the product OPMFlow. You will have to add a shipping address in order to buy this free product.

3. First simulation.

Go to Experiments page. We will register the new application, then create a new instance of this application. We will need to configure this application with the minimum information required. Once the instance created, you can finally run the application. <add screenshots>

4. Visualize results

Go to Visualization then

5. Going further

You have experienced your first simulation using the MSO Portal! Now, to go further you can try to use other applications available in the marketplace. If you experienced problem or find bugs, please submit an issue on here