MSO4SC documentation

Welcome to the H2020 MSO4SC project documentation! (funded by the EU E-INFRA)

This documentation is made based on Antora system and details the main pillar of the project. You will find technical aspect, but also how to begin to use the MSO Portal.

Additionnal documentation can also be found on the official Mso4sc github wiki.

MSO4SC forums are available for any questions.

Official mailings list are the following

Mailing list Description

You wish to contribute ? Please consult the contribute section to learn how to proceed!

1. Contribute

To contribute to the documentation, please consult the official Antora documenation first.

1.1. Get sources

The go to MSO4SC github documenation repository. Create a fork of the repository, makes your changes and create a pull request to merge your modifications in the develop branch.

1.2. Compile the documentation

To compile the book just type make and follow the instructions.

make install # first time only
make build
make serve

This book is writen in asciidoc using Antora. You can compile it in HTML using the asciidoctor compiler, see how to install asciidoctor. Then just type make for fast html compiling. You can also preview the document via a browser plugin (firefox, chrome). For the plugin, you have to open the raw file (click RAW button). See for example this README.